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The bestselling Covent Garden cocktail – a beautifully refreshing & low calorie Gin & Tea spritz, now available in slick ready-to-drink cans. Sip on it from the comfort of your own backyard, or take to your next tea/BBQ party.

A fruit of collaboration between Australia’s favourite gin bar (Covent Garden), award winning craft gin distillery (Kalki Moon), and premium mixer creators (Long Rays), all brought to life with the eclectic wrap design by local artist, Carley Bourne! It’s combining the best Australian Gin, with the most unique native Australian botanicals, all enriched with exotic tea and finished with perfectly carbonated pure spring water.

Available in two unique flavours, in either 4-Packs or 24-Packs, directly from our online store for delivery Australia-wide, or from a selected range of boutique liquor stores across all major capital cities!*

*For wholesale inquiries, please contact us directly at:


CG G&Tea

Mango G&Tea