Your deposit of $500 or 10% for functions $10,000 and over must be received to confirm your reservation.

Final payment, plus your food and beverage selections are required 21 days prior to the event unless your function is booked within this period, in which case final payment, food and beverage is required within 14 days.

Any remaining bar tabs are non transferable or refundable.

Entertainment such as bands and DJs can be hired for your event. Please speak to your coordinator to discuss your requirements.

Covent Garden reserves the right to cancel any bookings in the event of un-secured payment, accidents or other unforeseen incidents such as force majeure.

For any additions, the final bill must be settled before your event concludes and guests leave the venue. We do not arrange post event invoices under any circumstances.

The hirer will be responsible for their guest’s actions and will be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of your function.

Payment of your function deposit means the hirer agrees to these terms and conditions and the code of conduct for Covent Garden.

Covent Garden does not take responsibility for any items left in the area if unattended.

Covent Garden has zero tolerance towards violent or anti-social behaviour. Any instance of this may result in the termination of your function and or removal of your guests from the venue.

In accordance with Responsible Service of Alcohol Regulations, Covent Garden staff have the right to discontinue service of alcohol to intoxicated persons without liability. Please nominate a responsible person in your party to act as a contact person for any issues that may arise during your function. We reserve the right to remove any guest that acts in a way that is contrary to our legal obligations at our managements absolute discretion.

No refunds will be considered when fewer guests attend the event.

All cancellations must be in writing. If cancellation is received within 6 weeks prior to the event, Covent Garden reserves the right to withhold your deposit. Covent Garden reserves the right to cancel a booking if: 1. The client becomes insolvent or bankrupt 2. The function may prejudice the reputation of the venue 3. The required monies have not been made by the due date.

You are welcome to bring in your own decorations and cake. It is up to the function to cut and distribute their cake. Covent Garden will provide a knife and napkins and can hire in extra crockery if requested by client- charges apply. Decorations are accepted as long as there are no confetti products or damaging items such as dyed streamers, tape and tacs.